Paradise Wildflower Honey

$16.90 USD

  • The branches of the ailanthus tree have small heart-shaped spots. They are scars that remain, one for each fallen leaf. This tree is known as the "Tree of Heaven" because of its ability to reach great heights.

    The sound of its name is also heavenly, just like the taste of the honey that comes from it. The honey's aroma is reminiscent of fig milk, muscat grapes and peaches. It is a true nectar, with its various shades of amber. It is sure to be enjoyed by people who love enveloping and fruity flavours.

    Our Paradise wildflower honey brings together many different flavours in harmony. You can enjoy it simply by the spoonful, but don't forget to add it to fresh cheeses like ricotta as well. We also suggest trying our honey with fruit salads or fruit gelato, for a touch of heavenly sweetness every day.
  • Ingredients: 100% Italian Honey

     8.8 oz (250 GR)